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          Domestic new PE catalyst indicators



          Recently, the gas-phase polyethylene (PE) slurry type catalyst (PGE-101) developed by PetroChina Petrochemical Research Institute has completed the production of super-condensed condition in Jilin Petrochemical 274,000 tons / year linear low density polyethylene plant Of the industrial promotion, the indicators reached the level of imported catalyst.

          PGE-101 under the harsh conditions of super-condensation to achieve a smooth operation of the device, process control and stability, catalytic activity of more than 20,000 times the product bulk density of 0.38-0.39g / cm3. Compared with similar catalysts at home and abroad, PGE-101 has the characteristics of stable release of activated polymer, low particle size distribution, narrow particle size distribution, less hydrogen sensitive catalyst, good copolymerization performance and good polymer particle shape.

          Petrochemical Institute Daqing Chemical Research Center researchers through the carrier surface modification and spray drying combined with scientific means to overcome the catalyst preparation in the particle control of the core technical problems. In the process of running, the researchers in-depth understanding of the technical difficulties of ultra-condensing operation, developed a technical program, a clear catalyst quality indicators, and in the country's most advanced gas-phase full-density polyethylene pilot plant 9 times the pilot pilot solution The superheat operation of the fluidized bed reactor in the catalyst for a long time, the system of fluid, fluidized retention, reactor knot and other technical problems.

          At present, CNPC gas production capacity of 2.6 million tons / year, the annual demand for slurry-type catalyst 100 tons, but the market is almost foreign companies and a few domestic catalyst factory monopoly. Imported catalyst price is high, the purchase cycle is long, and the stability of the catalyst batch is poor, often resulting in device production fluctuations, the transition material, product quality, but off.

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