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          Clariant Enabled Kentucky's new polypropylene


          November 15, 2016, the world's leading specialty chemicals manufacturer Clariant announced that its new polypropylene catalyst facility in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, has been officially launched.

          In recent years, Clariant has significantly expanded its presence in North America by recruiting 1,800 employees in 41 locations in the region, with sales rising from $ 939 million in 2011 to $ 1.12 billion in 2015. In addition to the catalyst business, Clariant's core business in the United States also includes support for its customers through its oil services and specialty industrial and consumer products business.

          The Louisville base has now become Clariant's largest catalyst production center in the United States.

          The opening of the polypropylene catalyst facility further strengthens Louisville's position as the most important base for the Clariant Catalyst business unit in North America. The base consists of sales, technical services, research and development, technology centers, pilot plants and production departments.

          The new polypropylene catalyst facility is one of the latest results of Clariant's long-term strategic partnership with CBI's Novolen technology business unit. Innovative catalysts produced at the site will help the global polypropylene industry achieve efficient production of a full range of polypropylene resins.

          Clariant has partnered with CB & I to develop and implement a new polypropylene catalyst production facility in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

          Clariant and CB Kottmann) commented: "The new Louisville facility is an important step for our catalyst business unit, and our catalyst creates a wide range of value for our customers' operations, produced by this new specialty chemical plant The catalyst will ensure high efficiency in the production of raw materials and energy during the production of polypropylene. "

          CB K. Asherman added, "We are pleased to be working with Clariant to develop this advanced catalyst production facility that will help ensure that our customers and the polypropylene industry provide high quality and high capacity catalyst."

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